MAET Coursework

Fall Semester 2010

CEP 810: Teaching For Understanding With Technology

This course is a basic introduction of what can be done in teaching with the aid of technology. We were introduced to RSS readers and discussed blogs and webpages and differentiating between the two. A wider look at our social network and how we organize ourselves (and our technology) to work efficiently and effectively were also main areas of this module. We ended off CEP 810 with creating a Personal Learning Reflection and a Personal Technology Plan.

Personal Learning Reflection Link                                                                                                                        Personal Technology Plan Link


Spring Semester 2011

CEP 811: Adapting Innovative Technology to Education

This module looked, broadly, at utilizing technology to innovate traditional teaching methodologies and activities. A significant part of CEP 811 was using and reflecting upon the use of technology tools. We also created a stand-alone course that could be accessed and downloaded from <- My stand alone course here.

My CEP 811 Reflection

  CEP 812: Applying Educational Technology to Issues of Practice

CEP 812 focused on looking at a particular problem and planning a solution for it with the use of technology. We undertook 2 assignments; one small group activity and one individual activity. We also created a Professional Learning Plan.

Professional Learning Plan                                        Individual "Wicked Problem" Project                                    Group Leadership Project


Fall Semester 2011

CEP 815: Technology and Leadership

This course focused on managing the complex relationships between technology, teaching, and learning. We did a number of assignments on  leadership styles, student relationships with technology, and identifying missional and instrumental thinking (a vital part of this course!). The end project was identifying a problem and proposing a solution.

Final Project                                                                                                                                        Missional and Visional Thinking Assignment

CEP 822: Approaches to Ed Research

This course centred on identifying areas of education that needed more research, learning different research methodologies and and analyzing techniques. The end assignment was a research document proposal.

Final Project: Research Proposal

Spring Semester 2012

CEP 800: Learning in School and Other Settings

CEP 800 bases itself around several psychological learning perspectives. While learning these different traits during the course we picked on different learning opportunities with technology and reflected on how these learning persepctives effected the lesson plan and execution.

Interview with Student Assignment                                                                                                                    Final Project: Lesson Reflection

CEP 820: Teaching K12 Students Online

CEP 820 is based on building up to planning, implementing and publishing an online module for students. Throughout the course we reflected and assessed our plans based on learners' needs and iteratively designed an online module based on a platform of our choosing.

Reflection on Final Online Course Project

Summer Semester 2012

CEP 850: Technology & Literacy for Mld Disabilities

This course examines the use of technology to meet the needs of students who face challenges reading and comprehending text. Throughout the course we assessed student disabilities, and chose some example students from our own school, and worked out how we would re-teach a specific lesson to them when fully taking into account their disabilities and their literacy goals.

Mid-Term Assignment                                                                                                                                                                     Final Assignment

Fall Semester 2012

CEP 816: Teaching and Learning Across The Curriculum

This course which I have just started focuses on the different relationships between technology, teaching, and learning across a curriculum. We looked at different visions a school may have and the way the internet is becoming more open for educational resources to be accessible by all.

Notes on RSA Animate Video: Deeper Searching Assignment

CEP 807: Proseminar Educaton Technology

This is the culmination of my MAET at MSU. The course focuses on bringing together all the work I have done in MSU and also brings in my other work and outside qualifications into an online portfolio.