Student Work

Here's some of my students' work that they've completed over the last couple of years.

iPhoto - Garageband - iMovie Project

In Grade 3 the students were doing a unit called "How We Express Ourselves". We had the students go through our Flickr albums of the year so far, pick out their favorites and save them to iPhoto. They then created a song in Garageband using loops. To put it all together, students then added the photos and song together in iMovie. Their finished movie was an original expression of their schoo life so far this year set to music that was inspired by the photos they chose.

Green Screen Movies

Grade 4 students did a unit called "Where We Are In Place And Time" which dealt with world exploration. Students wrote a scipt and we recorded them in front of a wall of green paper. Then the students put that video along with a stock footage video background together in iMovie. Easy!

Comic Strip Making

In Grade 3, in a unit called "Sharing The Planet" which dealt with rules and responsibilities students created a comic strip using Bitstrips. In this comic they were to show their knowledge of our school rules of behavior.

Stop Motion Animation

This was done in Grade 4 where students were learning how different rocks and minerals were formed.

Common Craft

In Grade 5 the students were doing a unit on energy conservation and the environment. This project was to create a common craft presentation to inform people on energy problems and conserving energy.