Tech Showcase

This is a sample of some of the technology tools I used throughout my Masters in Educational Technology at MSU.

CEP 810

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The main objective of this course was to get my MSU learning blog up and running, which I did!


We also created a group Prezi as a Special Interest Group. We focused on using iPods to assist literacy learning.


CEP 811

This is a stand alone Powerpoint on learning how to use Voicethread for the first time. I think looking back if given the choice I would make a small website instead to do the interactive lesson as embedding a Powerpoint loses all the interactivity!


CEP 812

In this course we also did a group Prezi on Mobile Technology and uses in the elementary school.


CEP 800
In this module I came up with a way to include Minecraft in a lesson. This is one student's end product:

I also had to come up with a lesson plan that would show two different teaching theories:

CEP 820
In this module the whole process was designing an online course for students. I used Haiku to implement this.

My online module is here.

Photo Gallery: CEP 820 Online Module