About Me
My Professional Blog: Edutechniques.com

I worked for four years in an international school in Germany as a technical liaison. I got some great experience in being involved in working out the technical classroom setup in the planning of a new Primary School building. In my time there we introduced Promethean IWBs, rolled out wifi for the students (our computers were all wired)and hosted The ECIS IT Conference in 2007 (which was a great success!). I also set up and introduced Moodle to the Senior School. I am glad to see that it is still going strong today!

In the course of my time there I got to gain some great experience in introducing new technologies in to the primary classrooms and to gain first hand experience on what works and what does not. Technology needs to be seamless, natural and accessible for it to integrate efficiently into learning.

In the last year of my time there I got the chance to teach Grade 6 MYP Technology and I jumped at the chance. It was a great experience and one that changed my professional path forever. I wanted to be involved in the classroom with the students and more importantly involved with the learning and teaching  that technology can facilitate in the classroom.

I got my Bachelor of Science online from The Open University, my Post Graduate Diploma of Education part-time over two years with Hong Kong University. Nowadays I’m working on my Masters of Educational Technology from Michigan State University that will be done and dusted by December 2012.

I gave a TEDx talk in 2010 (top of the page!) and became an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2011.

I’m now the technology facilitator at ISS International School here in Singapore.